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Frequently Asked Tax Questions

1What is Tax Relief?

Millions of Americans have been faced with owing taxes to the IRS and this can be very overwhelming. Don't despair though, there is obtainable tax relief. Tax relief is a program implemented by the IRS that can potentially allow taxpayers to settle debts for a lower amount than what is owed. There are many different options and levels depending on the specific case at hand. J&M Tax are experts in finding the best possible solution for those that qualify.

J&M Tax can help you reach an agreement with the IRS using strategies that have been proven many times over. Our experts have years of experience and can help reduce your tax debt, stop wage garnishments and bank levies, walk you through your tax audit, and bring you much needed relief.

2How Do I Get Started?

Starting is easy with a free phone consultation that requires no obligation from you. We will discuss your specific case and determine the best path. Should you choose to let us help you, We will get started on your case immediately.

3How Do I Avoid Being Scammed?

Unfortunately there are companies out there that are not authentic and are waiting to take advantage of you at the first opportunity. However, there are ways to recognize them and red flags to be aware of.

1) Up-front Payments That Are Non-refundable With No Guarantees.

All they want is that initial payment from you and they will reel you in with big promises that they have no way of guaranteeing. They are more focused on acquiring the up-front payment than actually helping the client. A company that asks for a very large payment up front, may not have your best interests in mind.

2) Misrepresenting The Potential Outcome.

Similarly, these companies will lure you in with their success stories about how they abolished debts and obtained Offer in Compromise Settlements for their clients. The truth is that most people will not qualify for Offer in Compromise and this piece of information should be no secret to the client from the start. There are different factors that determine who may qualify but these companies will lead you to believe that it is most surely possible. When they have led you far enough they will place all blame on the IRS for not approving it.

3) Marketing Agencies Impersonating Tax Service Providers.

Some companies seem to be reputable tax service providers when really they are just a marketing agency in disguise. They lead you to believe that they are professionals when really they are just selling your information to other services. They have no way of knowing the qualifications of the company they are referring you to or if they can even assist you at all.

4) Outright Fraud.

The sad truth is the growing number of fraud firms that will outright cheat and steal from their clients. A company may enroll as many clients as possible and collect payment without providing proper service. They may not even send the proper paperwork to the IRS and will provide no refunds, furthering a client's debt. They may open up again under different names so as to hide from any bad reviews received.

Protect yourself by being fully aware of these scams and asking the right questions. A reputable company will be honest about these key points from the start.

4How Much Will I Save?

Each case is unique and there is no one set answer. We can discuss your personal case and determine if we may be able to save you money or if we may not be able to save you anything at all. Should you qualify, we generally have been successful in saving our clients money and settling cases for a fraction of the original amount.

5How Long Does This Process Take?

Every Case is unique in its direction and options. There are different procedures to follow and different challenges that may arise. Typically, it takes anywhere from 2-6 months to resolve a case. After you get in contact with us and we discuss the basics of your case, we can determine the optimum course of action and how long that may take. We strive for the best outcome that can be achieved within the quickest amount of time possible.

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